What is the Ultima Archive? These pages were originally developed by William Herrin for the Ultima Dragons. As best as lore has it, Lord British was so impressed with the site that he decided to make it an official part of the Origin web. The site contains some of the best and most unique information available on the Ultima Universe.

What is Ultima? Ultima is a series of fantasy role playing computer games from Origin Systems Inc. The purposes of the games have varied from the defeat of an evil wizard in Ultima I to a quest to find virtue in Ultima IV to an escape from a destroyed world in Ultima VIII. Ophidian Dragon has written a detailed History of Britannia that you may find interesting.

The Ultima's were first published on the Apple II, Atari 800, and Commodore 64, and were available for these systems through Ultima V. More recent Ultima's have been available exclusively for IBM PC compatibles, with modified versions available for the Nintendo game system. In total, more than 13 games have been published in the series.

This world wide web site contains clues, walkthroughs, maps, and other goodies pertaining to the Ultima series of games.

If you have any cool, unique stuff that you think should be a part of the archive or if you have any corrections to the information contained herein,
please mail Taoist Dragon.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Ultima Universe. Enjoy the Archive!

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