Ultima IV
Walkthrough v1.01 by Fallible Dragon

Initiate New Game:

You start the game under a weeping willow tree near a circle of stones, relaxing, letting your troubles wash away down the nearby stream. Suddenly a high-pitched cascading sound like crystal wind-chimes impinges on your floating awareness! A shimmering blue portal has risen from the ground in the circle. As quickly as it appeared, it sinks back into the ground. But, in its wake it leaves a book, map, and Ankh.

After reading the book, you investigate the Ankh and begin to hear music from past a nearby hill. You wander in that direction past a renaissance fair that wasn't there before. You follow the music to a secluded gypsy wagon. She begins to read the path of your future.

At this point in the game, you are asked to make choices. There are no good ones -- you are always asked to choose one good over another. The virtue you choose over all others will determine what character class you are in the game and where you start. The classes are:

Having chosen your virtues, you start the game near the associated town. Your task is before you. You must become the Avatar.

Game Play

Ultima IV has none of the linearity found in some of the later Ultimas, so most of the rest of this walkthrough consists of various clues and information. If you're seeking a general direction to go, try talking to Lord British in his castle.


Here's a list of spell reagents, where you can buy or find them, and how much they cost:


The moongates appear and disapear depending on the cycle of Britannia's twin moons Trammel and Felucca. (Trammel is the one on the left at the top of your screen.) Trammel's phase affects where the moongates appear while Felucca's phase affects where they transport you.


Here's a list of where you can purchase rations (food) for your journey, and how much they cost:



Vital Info, by Virtue:


* Town: Moonglow -- Lat I'H", Long O'I" (Verity Isle)
Mariah the Mage will join you.

* Shrine: Lat E'C", Long O'J" (Dagger Isle)
Honesty derives from Truth
Mantra of Honesty: Ahm
Rune of Honesty: found under Mariah's chest in moonglow. Search there.
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: I

How to improve your Honesty: Overpay the Reagent seller consistantly and by a lot, and don't open the chests you find in towns.

* Dungeon: Deceit -- Lat E'J", Long P'A" (On an islet just off Dagger Isle)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Intelligence
The Blue Stone of Honesty is found on the seventh level of Deceit.

* Moongate: Lat I'F", Long O'A" (Verity Isle)
Moonglow's moongate is linked to the new moon.


* Town: Britian -- Lat '", Long '" (Mainland, just off Britanny Bay)
Iolo the Bard will join you.

* Shrine: Lat F'M", Long I'A" (South of Loch Lake)
Compassion derives from Love
Mantra of Compassion: mu
Rune of Compassion: Search at the end of the hall in the Inn in Britian.
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: N

How to improve your Compassion: Don't kill the 'non-evil' monsters such as snakes and sea horses. Give money to beggars.

* Dungeon: Despise -- Lat E'D", Long F'L" (North of Britian in the Serpent's Spine Mountains)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Dexterity
The Yellow Stone of Compassion is found on the fifth level of Despise.

* Moongate: Lat G'G", Long G'A" (Near Britian just off Britanny Bay)
Britain's moongate is linked to the crescent waxing moon.


* Town: Jhelom-- Lat N'O", Long C'E" (Valarian Isles)
Geoffrey the Fighter will join you.

* Shrine: Lat O'F", Long C'E" (Valarian Isles)
Valor derives from Courage
Mantra of Valor: ra
Rune of Valor: Search in the northwest tower of Jhelom
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: F

How to improve your Valor: Attack first, and don't leave battles or rooms until killing all the evil monsters.

* Dungeon: Destard -- Lat K'I", Long E'I" (Northwest of Trinsic)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength
The Red Stone of Valor is on the seventh level of Destard.

* Moongate: Lat O'A", Long C'G" (Near Jhelom on the Valarian Isles)
Jhelom's moongate is linked to the first quarter moon.


* Town: Yew -- Lat '", Long '" (In the Deep Forest)
Jaana the Druid will join you.

* Shrine: Lat A'L", Long E'J" (Near the shore on a peninsula northeast of the Deep Forest)
Justice derives from Truth and Love
Mantra of Justice: beh
Rune of Justice: Search in the cell with the criminal
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: I

How to improve your Justice: overpay the reagent seller?

* Dungeon: Wrong -- Lat B'E", Long H'O" (East of the shrine)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence
The Green Stone of Justice is on the eigth level of Wrong.

* Moongate: Lat C'F", Long D'C" (In the Deep Forest)
Yew's moongate is linked with the gibbous waxing moon.


* Town: Minoc -- Lat B'E", Long J'P" (Off Lost Hope Bay)
Julia the Tinker will join you.

Important Clues:

* Shrine: Lat N'N", Long M'N" (In the middle of a lake east of the Bloody Plains)
Sacrifice derives from Love and Courage.
Mantra of Sacrifice: cah
Rune of Sacrifice: Within the fires of the forge in Minoc
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: N

How to improve your sacrifice: If you flee battle make sure the Avatar is the last to leave. Give blood at the healer's in Castle Britannia and then have him heal you (repeatedly).

* Dungeon: Covetous -- Lat B'L", Long J'M" (Just south of Minoc)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity
The Orange stone of Sacrifice seventh level of Covetous.

* Moongate: Lat B'D", Long K'G" (Just east of Minoc)
Minoc's moongate is linked with the full moon.
On double full moons this gate leads to the Shrine of Spirituality.


* Town: Trinsic -- Lat L'I", Long G'K" (Northeast of the Cape of Heroes)
Dupre the Paladin will join you.

Important Clues:

* Shrine: Lat M'P", Long F'B" (Southwest of Trinsic)
Honor derives from Truth and Courage
Mantra of Honor: summ
Rune of Honor: buried in the southwest corner of Trinsic
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: I

How to improve your Honor: overpay the reagent seller.

* Dungeon: Shame -- Lat G'G", Long D'K" (By ship via Lost River)
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength, +5 Intelligence
The Purple stone of Honor is on the second level of Shame.

* Moongate: Lat M'C", Long G'I" (Just south of Trinsic)
Trinsic's moongate is linked with the gibbous waning moon.


* Town: Skara Brae -- Lat '", Long '" (Near Spiritwood)
Shamino the Ranger will join you.

Important Clues:

* Shrine: Moongates at double full moons
Sprituality derives from Truth, Love and Courage
Mantra of Spirituality: om
Rune of Spirituality: Search in the treasure chamber of castle Britannia
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: T

How to improve your Spirituality: Talk to Hawkwind the seer a lot.

* Dungeon: Hyloth -- Lat P'A", Long O'P" (On the Isle of the Avatar)
You must descend the ladder from the first level of Castle Britannia to enter Hyloth.
Abilities raised by the magic orbs: +5 Strength, +5 Dexterity, +5 Intelligence
The White Stone of Spirituality is no longer in Hyloth. Use the balloon near Hyloth to fly over the Serpent's Spine mountains (northwest of Britian) and get it from near the Ankh.

* Moongate: Lat H'O", Long B'H" (Just north of Skara Brae)
Skara Brae's moongate is linked with the last quarter moon.


* Town: Magincia -- Lat K'J", Long L'L" (In the ocean)
Katrina the Shepherd will join you.

* Shrine: Lat N'I", Long O'H" (On the Isle of the Avatar)
To get to the shrine you need the Silver Horn found at Lat K'H" Long C'N". Use it when approaching the shrine to stave off the daemons.
Humility exists outside the elements of Truth, Love, and Courage.
Mantra of Spirituality: lum (mul reversed)
Rune of Humility: In Paws in a mountain nook in the southeast part of the village.
Letter given you on achieving partial Avatarhood: Y

To improve your humility: Talk to the guard on the second level northwest tower in Castle Britannia. Ask about "guard" and indicate that no, you're not the most valiant warrior.(repeatedly)

* Dungeon: The Great Stygian Abyss -- Lat O'J", Long O'J" (On the Isle of the Avatar)
The Abyss is the final dungeon of the game and is discussed in another document.
The Black Stone of humility can be found by searching at Moonglow's moongate on double new moons.

* Moongate: Lat K'H", Long L'L" (Just north of Magincia)
Magincia's moongate is linked with the crescent waning moon.

Miscellaneous clues:

You will need a sextant to find your position (lat, long). Ask for item D at a guild shop.

The magic wheel of the H.M.S. Cape (which increases your ship's hull rating) is found where it sank at Lat N'H", Long P'F"

Before you enter the abyss, you will need the three-part key. To get it, use the stones in the altar rooms at the bottom of the dungeons. The correct stones to use are:

To even enter the Abyss, you will need the Bell, book, and candle.

The Book of Truth is found in the Lycaelum by searching in the Library in the T section.

The Candle of Love is found in the Village of Cove (off Loch Lake) by searching behind the secret wall near the Ankh.

The Bell of Courage is found at the bottom of a deep well at sea at Lat N'A", Long L'A".

The Skull of Mondain can be found at Lat P'F" Long M'F" during double new moons.

If you ask Lord British about his health, he'll offer to heal you.

Winning the Game

To win the game, head for the Great Stygian Abyss. Its on the Isle of the Avatar at Lat O'J", Long O'J". Use the Wheel to help you get past the ships in the harbor, and then center yourself over the volcano's maw. Read the book, light the candle, and ring the bell. Cast mondain's skull into the abyss. Now descend into the dank dungeon.

Full details about solving the abyss can be found with my abyss map. The short version is that the answers to give at the end are (in this order):

Word of passage: veramocor
Virtues: honesty, compassion, valor, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality, humility
Elements: truth, love, courage
Sum: infinity

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I'd like to thank SwiftHeart Dragon, Sagatious Dragon, Astro Dragon, and the rest of the Ultima Dragons for their help with a few of the finer points of the game, and for putting up with me in the IRC chats where I was innatentive. :)

Note: Fallible Dragon is not clue central. If you'd like to contribute to this walkthrough, please contact him, but if you're looking for more clues, try asking on alt.games.ultima.dragons and comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.rpg.

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