Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
Encore CD-ROM Manual


  1. After you have started the game, select C from the Main Menu to create.
  2. Follow the screen prompts for distributing your 90 attribute points among the five available attributes. The attributes affect the following :
    Strength- Determines the damage you can inflict on a foe in a fight. Naturally, each foe's attributes influence the relative success of your attack.
    Agility- Influences your skill at wielding a weapon; some weapons require a considerable amount of agility in order to use them at all. Good agility also increases your success at stealing, if your turn to crime to survive.
    Stamina- Reflects your ability to defend against attack. Armor adds to your stamina. Attack from extremely strong monsters makes it relevant.
    Charisma- Governs your success inbargaining with merchants. Prices may be lower when you are fun to have around.
    Wisdom- Required to cast spells successfully.
    Intelligence- Increases both your bargaining skill and your spell casting ability
  3. Specify Male or Female. Note that each has special advantages, based on the following point values automatically assigned to your character's attributes.
    Male +5 Strength
    Female +10 Charisma
  4. Select a race. Note that each has specific advantages, based on the following point values automatically assigned to your character's attributes.
    Human +5 Intelligence
    Elf +5 Agility
    Dworf +5 Strength
    Hobbit +5 Strength points; +10 Wisdom
  5. Specify a profession for your character. Once again, the following point values will be automatically assigned to your character's attributes.
    Cleric +10 Wisdom
    Fighter +10 Strength
    Thief +10 Agility
    Wizard + 10 Intelligence
  6. Name your character and press Return/Enter. Press Y if you want to keep this character.
  7. When you return to the ULTIMA II menu, press P to play the game.


When traveling in the countryside, the arrow keys correspond to the directions of a compass:

When moving in towers and dungeons, the arrow keys correspond to:


Escape key Acknowledges disk swap or exits demo mode.

Ctrl + S Toggles sound on and off.

Ctrl + (left arrow) Slows game down.

Ctrl + (right arrow) Speeds game up.


[A]ttack Lets you fight someone or something. Command must be followed by a direction, unless you're in a tower or dungeon.

[B]oard Mount a horse or board a plane, ship, or other form of transportation. See X-it to leave a mode of transport.

[C]ast Cast a spell. A spell must be readied using the M (Magic) command. Spells can be cast only in dungeons and towers.

[D]escend Go down a level in a dungeon or tower.

[E]nter Enter a town, castle, dungeon or other landmark or read a sign. You must be standing on the entrance before entering.

[F]ire Fire your ship's guns at a foe.

[G]et Pick up items (for example, treasures, weapons). You must be standing on the item you wish to get.

[H]yperspace Catapults your spaceship to the specified coordinates.

[I]gnite Lights a torch.

[J]ump Lets you jump up and down-a good way to release frustration.

[K]limb Climb up a level in a dungeon or tower.

[L]aunch/Land Toggles takeoffs/landings (on grass only) in a plane or rocket.

[M]agic Readies a magic spell you know for casting.

[N]egate Stops time for all things farther than one square away from you-if you possess a specific magic item.

[O]ffer Offers gold as payment or bribe.

[P]ass Allows one game turn to pass without any action. Same as Spacebar.

[Q]uit (and save) Use this command to stop playing your press to disk. You can resume the game from this point. Available only while on foot in the Earth's countryside.

[R]eady Equip yourself with a weapon your own.

[S]teal Attempts to take items from stores without paying for them. May or may not work for weapons, armor, food, transport. Be sure to plan an escape route.

[T]ransact Initiate conversations or conduct business with townspeople, merchants, and royalty. Must be followed by a direction command.

[U]nlock Open doors if you possess the keys. You must indicate direction of door.

[V]iew Toggles between normal view and bird's-eye view of town or planet. You must possess the correct magical item to use this command.

[W]ear Put on a suit of armor that you own.

[X]-it Leave behind or dismount your current transport and travel on foot.

[Y]ell To yell anything you can type. Often used in combination with Jump.

[Z]tats Displays your vital statistics, possessions, and spells. Also used to temporarily stop the passage of time in the game.


The skillful use of weapons, combined with the proper armor, can spell the difference between success and failure in your quest. Armor and weapons can be purchased at shops in the towns. The cost of weapons increases with their effectiveness. The cost of armor increases according to the amount of protection it affords.

The following abbreviations are used by the shopkeepers when you attempt to purchase weapons and armor.


DA Dagger SW Sword
MA Mace GR Great Sword
AX Axe LI Light Sword
BO Bow PH Phasor
QU Quick Sword


Cloth Plate
Leather Reflect
Chain Power

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