Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
Cheat Sheet by Adric

Table of Contents:

  1. The basic basics.
  2. What can I do so that I do not die so quickly?
  3. Other problems.
  4. Venturing onward.
  5. Winning

1. The basic basics.

The object of the game is to kill Minax, evil apprentice of Mondain who we met in the original Ultima. In the instuctions, it tells you about certain commands, but not which objects are necessary. These are:

View (V): This gives you a bird's eye veiw of the village, town, castle, time zone, or planet you are on. To use this command, you must have a helm. Enemy fighters often carry helms.

Board (B): There is no problem boarding a horse or a plane; however, this is not the case with frigates (boats). To board a frigate, you need a blue tassle. Once abord, you can use thefire (F) command, which is more effective then any weapon a charactercan carry.

Launch (L): Firstly, to launch a plane ora rocket, you need to have boarded it first. On a plane, you need to be carrying a skull key and a brass button to launch. To land, press L again while over grass land. If you try to land on a mountain, you die. If you try to land over water of forest, it will ignore your command. To launch a rocket, you need two things. First, you need to be wearing power armor. Second, you need to be carrying tri-lithiums. One tri-lithium is needed for each launch and hyper. Rockets can be found in a village in the aftermath (2112) time zone, on an inlet in the area that is currently Russia. The village is called Pirate's Harbor. You can get there only through the use of time doors and frigates. Rules for landing are the same as with planes.

Negate Time (N): This eliminates the enemy's ability to move, but not attack. You need a strange coin to negate. Each negate will eliminate one coin.

2. What can I do so that I do not die so quickly?

I keep on running out of food.

Food can be bought at a variety of villages and towns. If you are a thief, You can steal (S) the food; however, should you do this, beware of guards! If they see you, they will pursue and attack.

I get the crap beaten out of me, and run out of hit points.

By time door and/or frigate, go to England in 300 BC or 1990. Enter the castle. On the North central area of the castle, there is a sign that says British. Under this sign, there is a king. This is Lord British. Transact with him, and he will take fifty gold, and raise your hit points by 300. Later in the game, he gives you 200, and then 100. You can have up to 9999 hit points.

3. Other problems.

I work my rear end off to buy better armor and weapons, and when I buy them, the game tells me that I am either not agile enough to use the weapon, or not strong enough to wear the armor. What can I do?

In North America in 1990, there is a town in the New Mexico area. On the Southwest corner of this town, there is a building called The Hotel California. In the South end of this building, there is a merchant. If you transact with this merchant, he will say "Welcome to the Hotel California". Offer him 100 gold. He will either reply "Thank you very much." or "Alakazam!". If he thanked you, nothing happened. If he said Alakazam, one of your atributes went up by four. The attribute is chosen by random. If strength is chosen, you will be able to wear better armor. If agility is chosen, you will be able to handle a better weapon, or achieve more hits with your current weapon. If intelect or wisdom is chosen, your spell casting ability will increase, if you are a magician or cleric. If your stamina was chosen, your ability to denfend from attack increases. If intelligence or charisma is chosen, your bargaining ability increases, causing prices to go down.

I launched a rocket and exploded!

You are not wearing power armor!

I went through something that looked like arrows moving up, and the game said "Field takes 1000 hit points!"

Ah, you have encountered the force field. To go through this unharmed, you need the ring. I will tell you how to get this later.

What about that Quicksword you mentioned?

Ok, this varies. First I will give instructions for users of any version that does not allow diagnal movement. First, get 500 gold. Then go to New San Antonio (the town with the Hotel California) and go to the upper left hand corner. There is a building marked "Airport". To get in you need three keys. To get keys, kill guards in any village where it is not to deadly. I suggest Pirate's Harbor in the aftermath time zone in Northern Russia. Steal a ship from their port,and fire away! Now, after you get to the inside of the airport, you will need to kill the fighter who owns it. This will get the guards on your tail. Quickly, board the plane, and launch. Do not leave the town. Head East towards the prison. Land on the grass directly outside the prison, since cobblestone can not be landed on. Taxi to the door, and unlock it (need a key!), and kill the guard. X-it the plane at the doorway. It will serve to block additional guards. Go to the cells, and enter the one containing a fighter (another key!). Offer him your 500 gold, and he will give you the Quicksword. Try to ready it, if you can't, you will need to return for more atributes. Go back to your plane. There will be several guards lined up there. Board your plane, launch, and get the hell out of there! The reason that you should not go directly to the prison is that without the plane there, those guards would enter and kill you.

Okay, now for those who can move diagonally. For you, you need atotal of two keys, and 500 gold. Go straight to the prison. Unlock the door and go past the guard peacefully.Go to the fighter, open his cell, give him 500 gold. You can then try to ready the Quicksword, leave the prison, and move around the town without anyone bothering you. The Quick sword is the only weapon that can kill Minax.

4. Venturing onward.

Note: Do not do this until you have both power armor and the Quicksword. Also have at least fifteen tri-lithiums. Why should I leave the Earth? It is fun, and neccasary for attaining the ring. Ok, how do I leave? Find Pirate's Harbor. It is in Aftermath, in North Russia. In the town, there is a boat dock that you might have used to raid this village. Steal a boat from there. Insted of going down and killing guards, go up. There is a building marked mission control, and many rockets. Board one. Launch it.

After achieving Earth orbit, hyper to co-ordinates 9-9-9. You will either achieve orbit of planet X, or drift off course to deep space. If you drift, hyper again, if not, land. If you geta CMD: prompt, wait until you are over grass, then (L)and. If you get a prompt, again wait for grass and press any key. If you hit mountain, trees or water, you will die. If you land succesfully, X-it the rocket, and look for the castle. If you can't find it, try (V)iewing.

Once you get there, you can go to the top and replace your hit points. Inside the left side maze, there is a cleric named Father Antos. To get to him you will have to go through swamp and avoid an attack. When you find him, (T)ransact with him. He will say "You have my blessing. Now return home and claim the ring!" You can get the ring now. From here, you can go to any of the other planets, or back to Earth (6,6,6).

Fine, I ventured and was blessed, now what? When you land on Earth, go to the AD time zone. Go to New San Antonio. Above the armory, there is a door to a forest. Open the door and go in. There is a sign that says "ATREE". There is an old man under atree. If you (T)ransactwith the response will be "An old man wispers 'I'm an old man.'". Give him 900 gold. He will give the ring.

5. Winning

Here we go...First get as many hit points as you can, and get an airplane. Go by time door to the legends timezone. Launch, and go South. Land near the castle, and enter it. You will most likely be attacked by two devils. Do not attack them! The would let the guards loose on you. To get rid of them, I suggest (N)egating time. In the Northwest chamber, there is a maze of fields, which at the end of which is Minax!!! Attack her. When she gets low on hit points, she will teleport to the other chamber. As you walk to the other chamber, you will be attacked by several monsters. Go to the other chamber, and kill Minax.

You have won!!!

With help from:
My once BBSing brother:
Michael Stringer
and my future BBSer friend:
The Beckster

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