Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire

Version : 1.2
By : Shrapnel Dragon
Last Modified : May 18, 1995

(Thanks to SwiftHeart Dragon, for his help in a couple of details in this walkthrough... especially the secret area. :)


  1. Introduction
  2. Some helpful hints and comments
  3. Starting off
  4. Making weapons and torches
  5. Completing the quests
  6. Finishing the Game
  7. The "Secret" area

1) Introduction:

Savage Empire is Origin's first "Worlds of Ultima" release. It was made using basically the same engine as Ultima VI but with slightly different graphics. The game contains all of the elements of the other Ultimas, as well as some extra features that add to the experience. You are able to interact with the environment in a realistic manner... picking branches from trees, digging clay from a riverbank etc. Savage Empire also has a lot more character interaction than the previous Ultimas. Characters will jump into conversations whenever they feel they have something pertinent to add.

2) Some helpful hints and comments.

Don't worry about money in this game... there isn't much need for it. If you DO want to try and buy something, emeralds and diamonds are the normal currency. Also, Paxaptamac at Tichticatl will trade 1 emerald for 10 feathers. You get feathers by attacking parrots. Finally, Kunawo, the Pindiro shaman will trade Triolo 1 yopo, 1 chocolatl, and 1 pinde for 5 flax. You get flax buy >U<sing a yucca plant.

There is an area somewhere north of the Great Mesa with a cluster of seven teleporter plates. This is the "main teleporter area." Each plate will take you to one of seven others scattered about the valley. The top left plate is near the Barako village. Going around counter-clockwise from there, the rest are, the Sakkhra, the Barrab, the Disquiqui, the Jukari/Haakur, the Nahuatla and the Kurak/Yolaru/Pindiro. To get to the Kurak teleporter, exit the village to the east. Follow the path until it forks to the north. DON'T take the north fork, continue following it east until it turns south. Go south along the path about 10 paces, then start searching the forest to the west of the path. Once you've found this teleporter, you can get to the main teleporter area and figure out where the other 6 are.

-The Party
Except for some special cases, you can only have 5 characters in your party. I'd advise Yourself, Rafkin, Jimmy, Triolo and Shamuru. Aiela and Yunapotli are the special cases... they will join the party when you reach them, regardless of how many other characters are in the party. This being the case, you should have a full party when you reach them, so as to make the party as large as possible.

3) Starting off.

Okay, the game begins when you wake up in Intanya's hut, at the Kurak village. (This is where you will always appear if you take too much damage, though Intanya will also heal you anytime you come over for a chat). Triolo is in the party, but Rafkin and Jimmy are both gone. Also, Aiela has been taken by Darden of the Urali. Aloron the Chieftain, (Aiela's father) asks you to help find her, while Intanya tells you where Jimmy and Rafkin are. Head to the Yolaru village.

Sahree of the Yolaru should be just east of the Kurak village. Talk to her and learn the story of Oloro and the Great Drum. Continue on to the village and get Rafkin to join the party. Don't worry about talking to anyone else right now, go down to Tichticatl and get some weapons. (If you start talking to the chiefs now about uniting the tribes, you will miss out on some of Jimmy's smart remarks.)

When you get to the city, talk to everyone. Some people will be nice to you, others will attack. The people that attack are a great source of obsidian swords. These are basically the best weapon available. Of course, you have to kill the guy, but since he attacked you first it's okay. The guards are also a good supply of bark armour. Equip everyone with two obsidian swords, and get 4 extra for Jimmy and Shamuru.

Go to the Disquiqui village. Get Jimmy. He's in "jail", but nobody there will care if you break him out. Once he's in the party, he will start to keep track of all of your little quests in his notebook. Now start talking to the chiefs about uniting the tribes. Each one will have a little quest for you to do. Some of them are easy, some not quite so easy. You might want to go get Shamuru or Dokray from the Barako or Pindiro Villages first... you are going to need another fighter in the party.

4) Making weapons and torches.

Rafkin will help you make some slightly more modern weapons. Bombs are the only weapon you actually need to finish the game, but I'll list all of them here just for the record.

To make gunpowder, you need charcoal, potassium nitrate, and sulfur. Charcoal is the easiest to get. >U<se any tree to pull off a branch. Then go to a campfire or firepit and >U<se the fire on the branch. Each branch yields 10 charcoal. Potassium nitrate is a bit harder. You have to have a scientist in the party. Rafkin is probably a good choice. Go into just about any cave and find a crystal garden. The Sakkhra cave is close to a teleporter so is the easiest to get to. >U<se the garden, and you will pull off some potassium nitrate. Finally, go to the lab and get the wire screen and mortar. Then go to the lands of the Jukari. >U<se the wire screen while standing adjacent to a sulfur pit. You will collect some sulfur. Place equal quantities of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate in the mortar. >U<se the mortar and you will have gunpowder.

To make a bomb, you need three things. Gunpowder, a fired clay pot, and a fuse. To make a fuse, >U<se a yucca plant. Take the flax to a loom. There is one at the Nahuatla Village, Tichticatl. >U<se the loom on the flax. Get the scissors from the lab, and >U<se them on the cloth. Take the cloth strips to a tar pit. The easiest one to get to is northwest of the lab. >U<se the tar pit on the cloth strips. You now have a fuse. Now all you need is a fired clay pot. I bet you didn't think the Avatar was good at pottery, did you? Head over to the Disquiqui village and "borrow" a digging stick. I don't think there is any other way to get one. Now, go to a riverbank and >U<se the stick. You will have a pile of clay. >U<sing the clay will form a soft clay pot. There is an oven at Tichticatl, and a couple of other villages. >U<se the oven on the soft clay pot, and you will have a hard clay pot. You now have all of the ingredients for a bomb. If you have 5 gunpowder in your inventory, >U<sing a fuse on a hard clay pot makes a bomb. Bombs make good weapons, so make a lot of them.

Torches are really easy to make... just take a fuse and >U<se it on a stick.

Rifles are fairly easy to make as well. Follow the path east from Tichticatl and get enough bamboo for all of the rifles you want. You get the bamboo off of the plant by attacking it. Take the bamboo to the lab, and ask Rafkin to make the rifles. He will make a "bamboo flintlock." This is an acceptable weapon, but you have to >U<se the flintlock to load it each time. Anyone else equipped with one will load theirs automatically, but will take two turns to load and fire. Unfortunately, natives are unable to use them, so they are fairly limited.

5) Completing the quests.

-Kurak and Urali.
These two quests are pretty much the same... Aloron of the Kuraks wants you to rescue Aiela from Darden the Huge, and Wamap, the Urali Shaman wants rid of Darden. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know where the Urali live. If you were paying attention to what people tell you, then you should have been able to figure it out. If not, then you have to find Topuru. Go to the Barako village and head west. Have four people each grab a paddle, and >U<se the raft.

Topuru is just across the river, to the northwest. He will tell you a story about how he lost his mind. You will have to go to the Barrab village and talk to Balakai. Balakai will tell you to go to the Sakkhra caves and hit a big blue boulder with a hammer. Go get the metal hammer from the lab, and head to the Sakkhra caves. You don't have to go in, there is a blue boulder just outside the entrance. >U<se the hammer on the boulder, and you get a blue stone. Take the stone back to Topuru, and he will tell you where the Urali live. He will also give you some turtle bait.

Okay, now it's time to go raid the Urali. Enter the caves southeast of the Yolaru and work your way through them to the other side. When you get there, head east... you will come across a VERY annoying T-Rex. Unlike the other two you can encounter in the game, this one has a very nasty habit of eating your party. My personal preference is to sneak by it one character at a time, using the set active character function. However, you can >U<se the turtle bait to whip up a turtle and ride it around the island. It helps to summon a turtle for each member, or else you wind up having the T-Rex eat them when they try and catch up with you on the other side.

If it is daytime, Wamap, the Urali Shaman that exiled Topuru, will be just to the east of the T-Rex. He will agree to unite the tribes if you get the statue Fabozz out of the cave Darden is keeping it in. The cave is to the northwest of the Urali village... almost directly north of where Wamap is. Enter the cave, find Fabozz, and >U<se Jimmy's camera directly in front of the statue. Fabozz will be freed, and the Urali guards will stop attacking you.

Now then, if you recall, the point to coming here in the first place was to rescue Aiela. She is in a cave to the south of the village. It is kind of hard to find, but the villagers will give you directions. When you get there, the guards will ignore you since you freed Fabozz. Find the room Aiela is being kept in and open the door. Darden will attack you. Kill him. Aiela is now in the party, carrying a "giant gem." Don't lose it. Oh yeah, that's it. Wamap is now the Chieftain, and Aiela has been rescued. Go back to the Kuraks and let Aloron say hi to his daughter.

(Oh yeah, if you like, tell Aiela you love her.)

Apaton, the Yolaru chieftain, wants 10 Nahuatla swords. They are pretty easy to get, just go to Tichticatl and let people attack you, just like before when you were getting swords for yourself and the party. Get 10. Take them back to Apaton and give them to him. Pretty simple. Make sure you have at least 10 though, or else you will have to go back and get 10 more.

The Disquiqui make you do two tests. The test of courage, and the test of skill. The test of courage is easy, just drink the plactha they give you. The test of skill is a bit harder. They want you to put a "noise-maker" on "Sharptooth." Sharptooth is a tyrannosaurus rex that has been eating the Disquiqui tribesmen. The Disquiqui discuss things, then finally give you a bell and some plachta. However, they don't give you a spear. If you are REALLY concerned about stealing, then you have to go to the Pindiro village and have Dokray join the party. He has some spears with him. Otherwise, you can grab one from the building to the southwest of Chafblum, in the Disquiqui village. If you bring it back it isn't stealing anyways, and you only need it for a couple of minutes.

Now that you have a spear, >U<se the plactha on it, and it becomes a "spear of shamap." Equip the spear. Exit the Disquiqui village and get back to the road. Head east about 37 steps, then go north. You should find a tyrannosaurus rex. Attack it with the spear. The T-Rex will pass out. >U<se the bell on the body while it is sleeping and you are done.

The Sakkhra, like the Disquiqui, are having a little problem with a tyrannosaurus rex. This one (Thunderer) is keeping them from getting at a certain fruit that acts as a Sakkhra medicine. Since they want to be able to get at it, you have to kill Thunderer. Go to the main teleporter area. Head north. You will come upon a ledge with vines that you can climb up. Climb up the vines and head east. Keep heading east until you have to turn south.

You will find yourself near a large rock, directly above Thunderer. It should be pretty obvious at this point what has to be done, but I'll tell you anyways. >D<rop a bomb directly north of the boulder. Then >U<se it. If you put everything down properly then Thunderer is now dead. The Sakkhra are now in on your little task force.

Nakai, the son of the Barrab's chief and shaman, Balakai, is very sick. The only thing that will cure him is the root of a plant on the Great Mesa. Head north from the mesa the Barrab live on, and climb up the lesser mesa that is directly south of the Great Mesa. When you get to the tree at the northern tip of the mesa, >A<ttack it with the fire axe from the lab. It will fall over, giving you access to the Great Mesa. Keep climbing higher until you find a carnivorous orchid. >A<ttack the tentacles until all that is left is an orchid bulb. Get the bulb, and take it back to Balakai.

Halawa, the queen of the Barakos has a little problem. A bunch of giant gorillas has kidnapped her daughter, their crown princess. Head north, and find the ledge where the Gorillas live. If you look around a bit, you should be able to see a cave entrance up on the ledge. Obviously, there is another cave around somewhere connecting to it. Head east... go down to the river and follow the north bank. You will come to a waterfall blocking a cave entrance. You'd think that the mighty Avatar would be able to go through a little waterfall to get into the cave. Nope... you have to get rid of the waterfall.

Equip a bomb and >A<ttack a spot directly to the east of the large rock sitting above the waterfall. This will block the river, giving you access to the cave. Enter the cave and follow it to the ledge. Talk to Halisa when you get to her. That's it... head back to the village and bask in the admiration of the entire tribe.

Inara of the Pindiro doesn't like fighting very much. She agrees to unite as soon as you ask her. :) Pretty simple, wasn't it?

Jumu, the new Chieftain of the Jukari, wants you to go get the sacred hide from the caves to the west. A volcano recently erupted though, blocking the path. Go to the lab, and get the fire extinguisher. Head east from the Jukari village, >U<sing the fire extinguisher on the lava whenever you need to cross it. Enter the cave, and get the hide. If you want to collect some emeralds and diamonds while you are there, feel free. Take the hide back to Jumu, again using the fire extinguisher to cross the lava.

Grugorr is the Haakur Chief. His request is fairly simple, head over to the spider caves to the south of the Haakur caves. Go in, kill all the spiders, and bring back the Shield of Krukk. You don't actually NEED to kill all of the spiders, but it would be the honorable thing to do. To do this, you will need to equip someone with a torch as a weapon. >A<ttacking webs will cause them to burn away. The shield is under a web a bit north of the myrmidex cave entrance. Get it, and take it back to Grugorr.

The Nahuatla have recently been taken over by Dr. Johann Spector (Zipactriotl) and Huitlapacti. They are protected by a force field being powered by the generators in the underground city. Neither of them are particularly sociable, so you are going to have to find a way to restore Moctapotl to his throne. Moctapotl is at the Disquiqui village, hiding from the Nahuatla warriors. His Shaman, Oaxtepac, is in the Nahuatla prison. Go there and talk to him, he's VERY informative.

Now that you know about what he's told you, go find Spector's assistant. He's living in a cave northwest of the Pindiro. If you look on the map, there is a path leading straight to the cave. Get the crystal brain from him. He'll also let you take his rifle ammo. Now that you have the brain, head, and giant gem, it's time to visit the city. Oaxtepac gave you instructions, but here it is. Go to the Great Mesa north of the Barrab Mesa. At it's northernmost point, you will find "the gem holder". >U<se the giant gem while standing next to it, and you will see the door to the city open.

This door is kind of hard to find though... it took me a couple of days to figure out. The entrance to the city is about 5 squares southeast of the main teleporter area. Kind of makes sense, but they should have said a bit more than "the plain to the north."

Anyways, go into the underground city. You will find a headless metal statue. >U<se the metal head... the statue (Yunapotli) will wake up. >T<alk to him and he will join the party. Tell him you have his brain, and he will give you some info about the weapons the Kotl used against the myrmidex. Ask him to "swing" open the gate, and the city doors will open.

There are three things you want to do while you are here. First, you want to get as many black staves and kotl shields as possible. Second, you want to get the device that points to the black moonstone. Third, you want to destroy the generators in the city, freeing Dr. Spector from his insanity and restoring Moctapotl to his throne.

The black staves and kotl shields can be found in three locations. There are two each to the west of the entrance, and one each in the room where you find the device. If you take the south central teleporter plate, there is a large square building to the south. The entrance is along the west face. There are two black staves in there. There MIGHT be one or two more in the city somewhere, but I doubt it.

The device is to the north of the entrance. Here are some specific directions. There are 7 teleporters near the main entrance. Take the northeast plate. Walk 27 paces north, 8 paces east, 4 paces north and 18 paces east. This teleporter plate will take you to the room where the device is.

The generators are difficult to find. The directions you get from Katalkotl are useless. Try this... take the south central teleporter plate. Then walk 36 paces east, 22 paces south, 2W, 3N, 2W, 5S, 9E, 4N, 2E, 2N, 1W, 2N, 1E, 2N, 1W, 2N, 2W, 6S, 2W, 8N, 5E, 2N, 5W, 2N, 5E, 2N, 5W, 11N, 5E, 2N, 7W, 3S, 2W, 3N, 2W, 3S, 2W, 3N, 5W, 2S, 2W and 3N. This teleporter will take you into the generator room. Head east and find a control panel. >A<ttack it a couple of times until it explodes. Yunapotli will shut down and Johann Spector will join the party, so you can take the bridge to the north to get out of the room. Exit the city, but make sure you have all of the kotl shields and black staves, because you won't be able to go back and get them.

-Building the Drum.
Go to Drum Hill. It's on the map in between the Yolaru village and Tichticatl. Talk to Tuomaxx about making the drum. Tell him the "biggest" drum. He'll tell you that you need a hide. The easiest way to get a hide is to steal one... but if you prefer, go to the tar pits northwest of the lab, and >U<se a knife on the dead tiger. Or, kill a tiger and skin it. Either way, you get a "folded skin". This is the hide he needs. Take it to him, and he'll build you the drum.

6) Finishing the game.

Once all of the quests are done, go to Drum Hill. Make sure everyone has been healed first. Then, >U<se the drum. You will find yourself in the myrmidex caves, at the spider cave entrance. Follow the pointer on the device until you find the queen. Step close to her, then start blasting her with the black staff until she dies. Go north, and attack the dark moonstone. Once you break it, the endgame sequence will begin.

NOTE: When you appear in the myrmidex caves, there is a rope hanging down from the ceiling. You can >U<se this rope to get back to the spider caves, ONLY if you have previously used the rope to get FROM the spider caves INTO the myrmidex caves. Otherwise, it will take you to someplace else... usually an area that you can't get to in the game. This isn't a big deal, since you are there to finish the game, not exit and go play with dead spiders. However, this has led to some confusion in the past, since I originally thought that it was a different entrance altogether.

7) The "Secret" area.

Remember Seggalion from Ultima V? Well, he's actually around Eodon as well, though he is pretty anti-social this time around. He doesn't even recognize you though, which is sort of silly. Anyways, he's living on the large plot of land northeast of the Barako tribe. The only way to get over there is to fire a bomb at the tree across the chasm... it's just a bit west of the cave Fritz lives in. There is a LOT of rifle ammo in one of the huts over there. As well as lots of diamonds, and some emeralds and bombs. Also, did you notice the broken teleporter plate at the main teleporter area? Well, the receiving plate is over there as well. To date, I know of no way to get the plate working again... it is most likely there as a hint that there is a way across to the island.

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