Game Music Page

Ultima IV .au's: wandering theme, combat theme, dungeon theme.

Ultima III .au's: Exodus' Castle (C-64 vers).

Ultima midi files (Ultima Dragons' archive on ftp.udic.org): Ultima III, Ultima IV, Ultima V, Ultima VI, Ultima VII, Ultima VII part II Ultima VIII, Ultima Underworld I, Ultima Underworld II.

Ultima mod files (Ultima Dragons' archive on ftp.udic.org): Ultima VI, Visual Dragon's Stones.

If the Ultima midi files don't work for you with a soundblaster under MS Windows, try opening the Midi Mapper control panel and setting setups to SB All FM (not SB Ext FM).

The Games Music Home Page has midi music for some Ultima games.

You can also hear a Windows Wave file of what the Guardian says at the end of the Ultima VII credits.

Ultima Dragons Theme Song (sic).

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